'Chapter VIII' 2011

'Chapter VII (Briar-Rose)' 2011

'flew down to taste' 2011

'To Lucy Love From Luke' 2011

Fairy Tales

'The Constant Tin Soldier' 2011

'The Red Shoes' 2011

'The Wild Swans' 2011

'Tommelise' 2011

'The Snow Queen' (Gerda) 2011
'The Snow Queen' (Kay) 2011
'The Little Mermaid' 2011

'The Nightingale' 2011

'The Tinderbox' 2011

'Uncommonly Ugly' 2011'

Volume Six

'Rapunzel' 2011
'The Ugly Duckling' 2011

'The Fox and the Crow' 2011
'The Tar Baby' 2011
'Thor' 2011
'Giantland' 2011

Volume Two.

'Pilgrim Fathers' 2011

'Oh, Solon' 2011

'Queen Elizabeth' 2011

'The Revolt' 2011

'Although beaten in open battle' 2011
'Columbia' 2011

'British Lines' 2011

'Capitol' 2011

Volume One II

Volume One.

After my set up of the books didn't work as well as planned, I decided to experiment with different ideas, choosing a different way to represent each book. For Volume One I just decided to take some initial photographs of the pages and images to see how they work.

Books and chairs.

After cutting the books I had to decide on a way to display them, as they need to be opened and experienced to see the lack of images and negative spaces throughout each book. I decided to show them with some of the images so that people would understand that they have been removed and that the books should be looked through. I tried to create an environment so that people could take time to experience the work.

Newnes Pictorial Knowledge.

Newnes Pictorial Knowledge is a set of ten educational illustrated books that was published in the 1950's. The editors state in the preface to volume one that the intention of the books were to be full of images to help educate children. Enid Blyton relays a quote from Alice in  Wonderland.. "what is the use of a book; thought Alice, without picture or conversation?" And so I decided to take away this purpose and see how effective the books are as objects without the meaning they were originally intended for. These were some test images I took of the books.

Continued object set up from last year.

'Set Up 2' 2010

'Set Up 2' 2010

'Set Up 2' 2010
After experimenting with objects on a desk I decided to see how they could work at different heights, as I was looking into the idea framing and how you perceive things and experience them at different levels and angles. Therefore when photographing I chose to stand, crouch and kneel to see how it would work when viewing. 

Using objects last year.

'Set Up' 2010

'Set Up' 2010
'Set Up' 2010
'Set Up' 2010
 After using images and books to collage; I decided to work more sculpturally and to add found objects into my work. These set ups were the beginning of my experiments with image and objects. As books frame the image in a page I decided to find other ways to frame them, using objects, frames and different placement to that effect. 

Cut outs by Keren Dee.

Keren Dee is a former Wimbledon student :) and exhibited as part of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries last year, which I went to see. She uses postcards of other artists work from museums and galleries and creates new assemblages by cutting and collaging them together. She invites you to "consider a new perspective and way of thinking." They are playful and appealing and I think they work wonderfully, especially as a set in the series how they were displayed. 
'Postcards' 2009 Series
“Everything has been done; that what we have now is an endless regurgitation of what has gone before” Keren Dee
'Postcards' 2009 Series