So here's some older stuff.

Just starting I guess with putting a couple of things up from last year. I play with books and images, cutting out pages and pictures to create new identities for second hand and found books. Here's a couple of fun photo's I took when I was fooling around with different ideas.

'What I wanted to be when I grew up' 2010
I just collected a lot of different books, looking especially for illustrations dotted within them.

Above is a kind of humorous, kind of sad image. The boy in the portrait is Edward VII or the then Prince Albert, that I took from a magazine about Royals. (The actual image is currently in the Royal Collection at St. James Palace.) Anyway, I was playing on the notion of careers and aspirations you have when your younger; dreaming of being an astronaut or a pilot, yet here is a painting of a young boy dressed in a naval outfit already showing that his life will be one of servitude to the country. Not surprisingly being dressed like this for portraits he grew up wanting to join the military, but ironically wasn't allowed as heir to the throne. So the one real career that he could realistically have as a monarch to be was denied to him. Ouch. Although I can't say being King could've all been that bad.

'Baritone Songs' 2010
 I don't know much about music, but I know that a baritone is a male vocalist. So here I used some images (from Lorna Doone) to try to tell a different story by trying to create a narrative  on the pages with the male characters I cut out.

'The Space Race' 2010
Here's another Lorna Doone image with the postcard book again.
Although these are 3D creations, I find that they are more successful as photographs than as pieces in themselves. Also it means I can play around with the images and don't have to settle on one idea.